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GENUINE BOSCH Dishwasher Pump Housing 267739


Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch SGI3000GB/09; SGI3000GB/10; SGI3002GB/09; SGI3002GB/10; SGI3005GB/01; SGI3005GB/02; SGI3006GB/01; SGI3006GB/02; SGI3010GB/12; SGI3010GB/13; SGI3012GB/12; SGI3012GB/13; SGI30A02GB/01; SGI30A05GB/01; SGI30A06GB/01; SGI5300GB/13; SGI5302GB/13; SGI5305GB/13; SGI5306GB/13; SGI5322GB/17; SGI5325GB/17; SGI5326GB/17; SGI5342GB/01; SGI5345GB/01; SGI5345GB/13; SGI5346GB/01; SGI6600GB/12; SGI6600GB/13; SGI6602GB/12; SGI6602GB/13; SGI6612GB/03; SGI6612GB/05; SGI6612GB/07; SGI6615GB/03; SGI6615GB/05; SGI6615GB/07; SGI6615GB/12; SGS3042GB/03; SGS3042GB/04; SGS3062GB/01; SGS3062GB/02; SGS4002GB/13; SGS4002GB/20; SGS4012GB/13; SGS4012GB/28; SGS4012GB/31; SGS4072GB/01; SGS4072GB/02; SGS4332GB/17; SGS4332GB/29; SGS43A42GB/01; SGS4442GB/01; SGS4468GB/27; SGS5022GB/13; SGS5022GB/20; SGS5308GB/13; SGS5312GB/07; SGS5312GB/12; SGS5312GB/13; SGS5318GB/12; SGS5318GB/13; SGS5332GB/17; SGS5338GB/12; SGS5342GB/17; SGS5348GB/17; SGS5358GB/17; SGS6302GB/12; SGS6302GB/13; SGS6312GB/12; SGS6312GB/13; SGS6322GB/13; SGS6342GB/13; SGS6352GB/17; SGS6612GB/01; SGS6612GB/03; SGS6612GB/05; SGS6612GB/07; SGS6612GB/12; SGS6922GB/01; SGS6922GB/02; SGS6922GB/05; SGS6922GB/07; SGS8812GB/27; SGV4313GB/13; SGV4313GB/17; SGV5303GB/13; SGV5303GB/17; SGV5303GB/19; SGV5613GB/12; SHS6902GB/12; SHS6902GB/13; SHU5312GB/08; SHU5316GB/08; SHV4313GB/13; SHV5303GB/13; SHV5303GB/19; SRS4002GB/01; SRS4002GB/05; SRS4302GB/02; SRS4302GB/04; SRS5602GB/02; SRS5602GB/04; SRV4603GB/02; SRV4603GB/04

  • Genuine replacement pump housing for your Bosch dishwasher.
  • Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are European voltage 220-240v not US voltage. Please email us with your model number, and any serial numbers, to confirm this part will fit your appliance.
  • Manufacturer's Code - 267739